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Published on June 8, 2023 Law Practice Management Succession Planning

The arc of a lawyer’s law practice eventually ends. Ideally, the lawyer is ready and the transition from practice goes according to plan. This toolkit helps with that plan. 

If you do nothing else, designate a custodian attorney. 

Here, you will find a discussion of four steps that move from simple to complex. It helps to approach the steps in sequence. Start with the advance designation because it is simple. 

  1. Advance Designation of Custodian Attorney 

  2. File Management 

  3. Cessation of Practice Procedure 

  4. Transition Planning 

IN THE IMAGE BELOW, click on the headings of each section outside the wheel to begin navigating the toolkit. You can also navigate to a specific topic within each area by clicking on the text within the wheel.

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LPM Committee

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