The 8 Best, Most Useful Gifts for Lawyers in 2023

Published on December 1, 2023 Lawyer Life

Finding the right gifts for lawyers doesn’t have to be a hassle. While cheeky gifts like a gavel-shaped stress toy or a mug with a law-related joke may result in a chuckle when your lawyer friend unwraps their gift, it’s better to choose a gift that can improve the way they practice law.

We’ve compiled a list of the best, most useful gifts for lawyers and law practitioners in 2023.

1) A Fresh Set of Business Cards

A stack of business cards.

This is a relatively affordable gift that’s also very thoughtful. While prices may vary depending on the style of business card, you can easily order a batch of 500 beautifully designed business cards online for less than $45.

Online business card suppliers include:

Note-Taking Tools Tailor-Made for Attorneys

Lawyers are constantly writing and taking notes. To make this process more enjoyable, consider an e-Ink tablet or a reusable notebook. These are great gifts for lawyers due to their convenience and usefulness. 

2) e-Ink Tablets

A person using the reMarkable 2 to write down notes.Unlike regular tablets which have glossy screens like Apple iPads and Microsoft Surfaces, e-Ink tablets feature matte screens reminiscent to the page of a book. e-Ink also looks like actual ink. As a result, they offer a more natural experience, while still providing the digital element we require in our modern age.

The two most popular e-Ink tablets on the market are the reMarkable 2 ($299) [above] and the Kindle Scribe ($339.99)[below]. Both include a pen which allows users to handwrite their notes without having to worry about running out of notebook pages. The reMarkable 2 is also compatible with additional components such as a keyboard.

Someone writing on their Kindle Scribe.

3) Reusable Notebooks

The RocketBook.Another great gift option that offers similar benefits without the price tag of e-Ink tablets is the reusable notebook. While e-Ink tablets are basically computers, reusable notebooks are a simple, streamlined solution for those who want to digitize their notetaking.

Take the Rocketbook ($30), for example. While it looks like a regular notebook, it only has 32 glossy pages. The magic of this notebook is its scannable pages. Users simply write notes as they normally would, take out their phone, use the Rocketbook app to snap a picture of the page, and convert handwritten notes to a word document!

4) A Convenient Lap Desk

81qsY4UTRkL._AC_SL1500_Many attorneys work wherever and whenever they have the chance. Perhaps they're at home, sitting on the living room couch or at the park on a bench.

While laptops make working on-the-go easier, they can make working for long periods quite uncomfortable, especially if the laptop is resting on your actual lap. This is where lap desks come into play.

As their name suggests, these excellent gifts for lawyers basically serve as a miniature desk for your lap. Some options, like this $35 lap desk from Amazon, even include a mousepad and a phone holder. By giving the gift of a lap desk, attorneys can turn any seat into their office!

Lawyer-Focused Digital Gift Subscriptions

In our modern age, digital subscriptions have become some of the most popular gift ideas. This is no different for lawyers and law practitioners. From website builders to legal billing tools and digital subscriptions to legal titles, let's look at the best digital gifts for lawyers to consider.

5) The Annual All-Access Online Subscription from Texas Bar Practice

All-Access Subscription on iPad.The All-Access Online Subscription from Texas Bar Practice compiles eight of our most popular titles in one easy-to-access subscription.

The titles included are:

  • Texas Foreclosure Manual 
  • Texas Criminal Pattern Jury Charges 
  • Texas Probate System
  • Texas Real Estate Forms Manual
  • Texas Guardianship Manual 
  • Texas Family Law Practice Manual 
  • Texas Business Organizations Manual 
  • Texas Collections Manual 

The online subscription includes forms for all the titles, and they are all easily accessible online via the Texas Bar Practice website. All you need is an internet connection! Even if your gift recipient only focuses on one or two practice areas, having all eight titles easily available can assist their legal career by allowing them to expand their practices. 

With annual and monthly options, the All-Access Online Subscription is a must-have for associates and partners alike. 

6) Website Building Platforms for Lawyers

A woman working on her law firm's website.

A yearly subscription to a website building platform such as Squarespace, Wix, or Wordpress can be an excellent gift for any lawyer, especially one who either doesn't have a website or has an outdated one.

While this gift may require a bit of work on the recipient's side (they'll have to set up the site and make edits themselves), it will be a great starting point to promote law business online.

Best of all, many website building platforms include beautiful pre-made website templates and blog-posting capabilities, so users don't need to know anything about web development or design!

Some popular website building platforms to consider include:

These subscriptions tend to be available on a monthly or yearly subscription basis so you can either choose to pay for an entire year upfront or just for a few months. Just remember to let the gift recipient know that you've set an end date, so the subscription won't keep charging you. 

Legal Software to Streamline Productivity

Legal software is yet another great subscription gift for lawyers and law practitioners. Two such options are Bill4Time and Clio.

7) Bill4Time

Bill4Time offers various products and plans. The most affordable one (Time & Billing/$27 per month) includes the following: 

  • Accounting
  • Reporting
  • Client portal
  • Payment processing
  • Mobile and desktop apps
  • Invoicing
  • Automatic updates
  • Encrypted backup
  • Document management

8) Clio

Similarly, Clio has four plans available with EasyStart being the most affordable one. EasyStart ($39/month) is used to track time and "get paid." Features include:

  • Case, calendar, and task management
  • Time and expense tracking
  • Hourly, flat fee, and contingency billing 
    Online payments
  • Unlimited document storage
  • E-signature, Gmail, and Outlook integrations

Choose Gifts for Lawyers that Go Above and Beyond

When it comes to gifts for lawyers, it's necessary to choose something that will elevate the way they practice law. We're certain that any one of the ideas listed above will make great gifts for lawyers, especially since they serve a practical purpose while being fresh and unexpected. To learn more about what Texas Bar Practice has to offer, contact us today

Otto Nicli

Otto Nicli

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