How to Avoid Legalese and Other Highfalutin Wordiness

Wondering how to avoid unnecessary legalese and wordiness in professional communication? Here are the best tips for clear and concise writing for legal professionals.

Grammar Tip: Why Ending a Sentence with a Preposition Isn't Always the End of the World

In legal writing, ending sentences with a preposition may seem like a grammatical sin but is it really as drastic as it seems? Let's check it out.

Grammar Tip: Just Deserts or Just Desserts?

"Just deserts" is a deceptively simple phrase. But is it "deserts or "desserts"? Read Roger Siebert's post to uncover this saying's secrets!

Grammar Tip: How Many Spaces Go After a Period?

Wondering how many spaces go after a period? You're not alone. This topic is quite contentious, especially in the legal industry. Here's what you need to know.

Quoting Vs. Paraphrasing: Best Practices When Using Source Material

Knowing how to effectively borrow from source material is an important skill for legal writers. If you're struggling with quoting and paraphrasing material, this article can help.

Grammar Tip: Me, Myself, or I?

Unsure whether to use “me,” “myself,” or “I” in a sentence? Odds are the pronoun is part of a compound. There are many ways to find the right answer. Editor Roger Siebert is here to help.

Mastering the Art of Legal Editing: Polishing Legal Documents for Precision, Clarity, and Professionalism

In this blog, we explore the importance of legal editing, discuss a few key techniques for improving editing skills, and provide practical tips to enhance the quality of legal writing.

Grammar Tip: Hyphenating Compound Adjectives

Hyphens play a wide variety of roles in written English. One of those roles is to add clarity to compound adjectives (adjectives made of two or more words) that immediately precede and modify nouns ...

Grammar Tip: Should I Put Commas Around a Title?

If you find yourself wondering whether you should put commas around a word or phrase that restates another noun, we can help!

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