How to Share Resources with Your Staff [VIDEO TUTORIAL]

Link to Lawyer is a quick and easy way for attorneys to share resources with their staff. Watch this quick guide to learn more.

How Do I Cancel Auto-Renewal for My Manual?

This short video will walk you through the steps to cancel autorenewal for your Texas Bar Practice manual.

How Do I Update My Payment Method and Renew My Online Subscription?

Payment method expired on your Texas Bar Practice account? Need to update or change your payment method? In this short video we'll walk you through the steps for updating or adding a new payment ...

How to Manage Purchases, Payments, and Allocations

With a Texas Bar Practice Organization account, law firms can make purchases and allocate materials to lawyers, legal assistants, and other staff. Here's how.

How To Build a Charge with the Texas Criminal Pattern Jury Charges Online Subscription

With the online subscription of the Texas Criminal Pattern Jury Charges, you can easily build charges. Watch this video tutorial to learn how to assemble a charge.

How to Create a Law Education Account on Texas Bar Practice

With a Law Education account, students and professors of accredited Texas law schools can access publications from Texas Bar Practice for free. Watch this tutorial to create your account today.

How Do I Access My Online or Digital Manual?

In this video, we go over the process of finding and accessing online or digital manuals at If you have questions or come across any issues, give us a call!

How to Designate a Custodian Attorney | Texas Bar Practice

In this video, we show you how easy it is to designate your custodian attorney. Follow this step-by-step tutorial on the State Bar of Texas website and designate your custodian today!

How to Assemble a Probate Matter | Texas Probate System Online [Video Tutorial]

Assembling a probate matter has never been easier when you use the online subscription version of the Texas Probate System. In this step-by-step video, we go over the assembly process.

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