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Published on February 7, 2024 Product News

It’s a new year which means there are new books on the way from Texas Bar Practice. Let’s look at what’s to come.

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Now Available

Texas Pattern Jury Charges — Family & Probate, 2024 Edition

The first release of the year, PJC — Family & Probate, has many new and exciting features, including:

  • An update to the charge on divorce to include specific findings on grounds for divorce.
  • A revision to the charge and commentary on reimbursement to include updated statutory language.
  • A new instruction and updated commentary to reflect legislation about the creation of express trusts.
  • Case law and statutory updates throughout to reflect the recent legislative session.   

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Criminal Pattern Jury Charges — Online Update

One of the many benefits to using the Texas Criminal Pattern Jury Charges Online is access to regular and free rolling updates.

The most recent update, which went live on 2/5/2024, contains significant revisions to two chapters in the online product. Chapter 5, Submission of Lesser Included Offenses, has been revised to incorporate recent case law. In addition, chapter 12, Punishment Instructions, has been updated to include more thorough commentary about jury instructions on state jail felony enhancements.

The Criminal Pattern Jury Charges is only available as a monthly or annual online subscription. It is also included as part of our All-Access Subscription.

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Coming Soon

The following titles are on their way to be released in the coming months. While these publication dates are estimates, you can sign up for automatic renewal to ensure you receive these updated volumes as soon as they become available. 

  • Business Organizations Manual, 2024 Edition — Estimated February 2024
  • Essentials of Water Resources, 8th Edition — Estimated March 2024
  • Texas Probate System, 2024 Edition — Estimated April 2024
  • Family Law Practice Manual, 2024 Edition — Estimated May 2024
  • New Quick Guide — Estimated May 2024

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