Succession Planning: A Day to Designate Your Custodian Attorney

This Texas Bar Practice, which was written by Rebekah Steely Brooker and John Meredith, goes over the importance of designating a custodian attorney and what a custodian attorney does.

Why Texas Lawyers Need to Designate Custodian Attorneys

Don't leave the future of your practice up to chance. A custodian attorney can assist in the winding down of your practice. Designate one today.

Surviving Your First Year as a Texas Lawyer: What New Lawyers Need to Know

Make the most of your first year as an attorney and set the groundwork for a successful future in the legal profession.

Texas Bar Practice Online Subscriptions are a Great Choice for Texas Lawyers

Did you know many Texas Bar Practice publications are available as monthly and yearly online subscriptions?

How to Probate a Will When the Original Is Lost

When it comes to probate in Texas, original wills are the way to go. But if a will is missing or destroyed, then probating becomes much more difficult.

How Law Students Can Access Our Online and Digital Publications for Free

Are you looking for free resources for law school students in Texas? The State Bar of Texas is here to help! Law students and educators can access our digital publications and online subscriptions ...

Guardianship Alternatives, 2022 ed., Is Now Available!

The newest edition of Texas Bar Practice’s Guardianship Alternatives is now available as a digital download and hard copy + digital download bundle.

Texas Collections Manual, 2022 ed., Is Now Available!

The new Texas Collections Manual, 2022, ed., is now available as a digital download, print + digital bundle, and online subscription.

Run Your Law Firm Like a Business

Brian Hall (Managing Partner at Traverse Legal in Austin, TX) joins us in this segment of Texas Bar Practice’s “Law Practice Management” to speak about how his firm grew from a single office in ...

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